Thank You!

            20 years sounds like long time - but it goes by in blink of eye!
            Only when we look from historical perspective – e.g. who was President? (Bill Clinton) or what was happening in world?  (Saddam Hussein was getting ready to invade Kuwait) do we get a sense of the passage of time.  Only when we see transitions in church with the saints departed (was it really that long ago?!), the staff changes, the projects various committees worked on, do we realize how long 20 years is!
Thank you for all your love and support:
                        -for joining in the journey of faith with Susan & me
                        -for nurturing our children in the faith
                        -for accepting leadership roles and lending your wisdom
Thank you for being a blessing these past 20 years!
            I can't give you 20 more, but I hope together we can continue to grow thru the Spirit's work.
A special thank-you to Ginny Wise and Bev Schmidt for organizing the celebration!
--Ken Bryant

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